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1906 Letter from Alice Hall to Horace Nevard

                                                        Grove Farm Saxmundham
Suffolk, England
July 6, 1906
My Dear Horrie
I expect you are beginning to look for a letter from me but I did not receive your letter till this morning so I could not write before. It was an extra long while coming this time and I began to wonder if it was lost. I don't know what sort of flowers they are which you sent me which you got on the prairie but some sort of Canadian flower I should think. I am sending you two little pansys out of our garden just for a remembrance and two daisies off the meadow. The summer has really come now and we have had some hot weather since I wrote to you last.  I expect you find it very hot at work. I hope the mosquitoes don't worry you so much now. I expect you have seen Mary and Ernie by this time. I expect Ernie thought it took a rare long time to get  to Canada. I hope they got there alright. We shall not be able to hear yet for a few days I don't suppose. Mary sent a post card to Emily from Londonderry and Emily  forwarded it on to us. It was very good of Emily to go to Liverpool with them. Louie is home again now. She came back on Monday. I expect Cecil will be coming to stay with Louie for his holiday at the end of this month. Annie is coming home tomorrow just for the weekend and going back on the Monday and then she is coming home again on August the seventh for a fortnight's holiday. She told me when she wrote to me last that she wished to be remembered to you and to tell you that she would welcome you for a brother one of these days. I had been looking for the postman to bring me a letter for over a week before it came and Willie said he expected you had got another girl out there in Canada just to tease me. But Dick said I must not pay any regard to that  because they used to tease him just the same when Maud went to Derbyshire and he expected you were too busy to write. I was so pleased when Mother brought me the letter this morning. It came while I was turning the separator. I am writing this in a great hurry but I hope you will be able to understand it. I am going to the town this afternoon and I want to post it when I go. I have just had my dinner and I expect you have just had your breakfast but I don't know what time you have it though. We got 41 pounds of butter this week and we took 36 pounds of it to the town and my arm did just ache when I got there. Father was going to carry it for us and then they were so busy so I thought I could carry it. They are very busy with the hay now and we are having beautiful weather for it and hope it will continue to till the hay is done. Willie bought a clipper or grass mower at the show so that will help them on a bit. We have got such a lot of gooseberries in the garden but we didn't have many cherries. Although the tree was so full in bloom as I daresay you will remember and what few there was the birds were soon after them. I went to the Girl's Friendly Society Festival last Wednesday afternoon at Kelsale Rectory and I enjoyed myself very much. I saw my cousin Mary from Leiston. She is Daisy's sister you know who is at Colchester and we had quite a nice time together. I expect they are all coming here from Leiston on August Bank Holiday so we shall be quite a party. I had a nice big card given me at the festival for 5 years of faithful discharge of duties in the employment of my parents. I was quite surprised as I did not expect to get anything as I had always been at home.
Last Saturday week we had a lot of company. Father's brother from Ipswich and his wife and their son and his wife and three children came here and stayed to dinner and tea. My cousin Walter has not got any work and there is ever so many in Ipswich out of work. He is thinking of going out to Canada but I don't know whether he will. He is a bricklayer by trade, You can read some of this letter to Mary if you like or else tell her as I have no doubt she will like to hear all the news. Give our love to her and I hope she is better now and kiss dear little Ernie (Bill Nevard) for us all. I expect he will help to cheer you up and keep you lively. He didn't seem to mind leaving us at all but I don't suppose his little mind could realize that he would not be coming back again yet awhile. It is a good thing that he is so happy. I don't think he will ever really forget us. I am sure they must miss him very much at Lexden.
I don't think I must stop to write much more. I will keep the piece of Canadian money and the flowers for a keepsake . you pressed them out very nicely. I do so wish I could see you sometimes but I ought to not to write so I suppose. I hope you are not downhearted because although we cannot see each other we can write although its not quite like talking. I think of ever so much I ant to tell sometimes and then I go and forget it. Annie said Herbert was quite well and was coming home in October I went to Saxmundham Church last Sunday morning and to Rendham Church in the evening. Is the Church you go to anything like Lexden Church?

Hoping this will meet you quite well. With love and kisses I remain your ever loving Alice.

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