Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Part 2 of Emily Nevard's 1916 Letter to Horace.

The week Granny laid in bed we had any amount of work as Mr. and Mrs. Hurnard went away as they were having some new stoves fixed so they cleared all the linen up and sent to us and as there were no maids in the house Mrs. Hurnard casked if Mother would see the linen was well aired as there would be no one in the house to do it. And she would pay Mother extra for it so Mother was very worried as she was afraid Granny might pass away before we could get the work out of the house. As it happened it was alright. We had sent all the work home and as they were away we didn't have any last week in the house until Thurdasy morning (after the funeral) which was just alright .
We laid Granny to rest on Wednesday the 12th at 2 pm. We intended having it at 2:30 but the Rector don't like having funerals later than 2:00 this short days. I arranged everything. I ordered the coffin and as the weather is so uncertain and the roads so muddy I asked Arthur Clark to order a Shellibier. There was just enough room for us all to ride. They put the coffin in front in a glass covered recess and we rode at the back. Mother and Uncle Robert, Aunt Alice and cusins Walter, Emma and I, Horrie and Mrs. Clayden at the end and Aunt Annie met us at the Church gate. There were only three people besides ourselves in the Church. Mrs. Elizabeth Clayden and her neighbours opposite and Miss Colvin. People told me afterwards they didn't know Granny was dead, much less buried. You see she was ill only one week so people didn't know. Mrs. Colvin sent a spray of pure white lillies and Gertie Appleby sent a spray of Arum lillies, white Chrysantheums and Lent lillies. Cecil and Ethel and I had a very nice wreath between us. Cecil and Ethel did not come as it would be rather expensive as the railway fare would be 11/ each return and Ethel had no black so would have to buy. And they were here just after Xmas.
When Grandfather died there was a little money in the post office savings bank in Granny's name that Grandfather had put in. He said it would do to pay for a nurse if she wanted one and be enough to bury her respectable. So when Cecil as Grandfather's executor took Grandfather's money out of the bank he drew what was in Granny's name also . Granny gave me 20 pounds to put in my account so that I could get it without any trouble. I have had to take out some of it to pay 2 or 3 small doctor's bills and other things. But there is still enough left to pay for all funeral expenses and a little to spare. There wouldn't have been if she had all her own way about it. She would have liked to have had it and given it to Uncle Robert and he wouldn't have done any good with it. Grandfather always told us it was on purpose and for her funeral and other expenses. I expect if there is a little to spare we shall have to give Uncle Robert some of it.  Isn't it a pity when people waste money. I don't know anything about Uncle Walter. He wrote to me for money last June twelvemonth. I just sent him a post card to say I hadn't any in the house and Mother was away and I would write later but I never did. I haven't heard from him since so I haven't written and told him his mother is dead because there is no knowing where he is now as he often changed his address
Mother said if we did write and find him most likely she would have to send him the money to come and then keep him the time he was here. And there would be no telling how long he would stay and she said she couldn't do it. You see he knows I have Grandmother's money in my name so he thought he might as well have some of it. What a trouble people are to you if you have got money. He sent to me once before for 2L-0-0. I couldn't get so much by the time he wanted it so I sent 36/ I had been saving up for a new coat and skirt. If I were to spend money or dress as some people do  I shouldn't have a penny.
We miss Granny very much. It is hard to realize she will not come back again but it is a great relief for Mother as it used to worry her to know what to feed Granny. Although she could eat the same food as us Mother felt she must get her something nice. That is one thing, Mother did see after her well. It was very trying for us as Granny couldn't see she had to ask us everything and if it happened to be a wet day she would ask about 20 times during the day if it still rained. Hers was a very monotonous life sitting here all day, especially when we were in the kitchen washing. And when we were in here we didn't know what to talk to her about as we couldn't tell her all our business as she might tell other people. She used to ask us all about the neighbours if they were washing, etc. It was rather a responsibility too having her as she couldn't see. Mother was alwyas afraid something would happen to her and we would not get a doctor here in time. Poor old Granny, I trust she has gone to her rest. She was always preparing for that home. She used to set here and pray for all. She used to ask for a fine day for us to dry our linen. She used to pray for all out in Canada. Ask for a good harvest and all other things. It is a good thing she did as she was not sensible at the last. She often spoke about you, how you went and dinner with her the day you went away.
I sent you a long letter which you would get after Xmas. I sent a paper to Arthur asking him to send it on to you. Please thank Ern for his letter. Mother was very pleased . Thank Mary for hers too. I will write as soon as I can. Now I must close with love from us all here to you from your loving sister.

                                                                                                                Emily Nevard.
Grandmother Nevard front row centre. 

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