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Bill's November 21, 1944 Letter Continued

November 21, 1944 letter continued.

Yesterday as soon as I'd done the necessary chores I took the wagon up on 25 and got my first load of barley home ready for hauling. As soon as I got back Dad and Uncle Arthur hitched on to the democrat and drove off to the Goff sale which was supposed to start at 12 o'clock. Actually it didn't start til 2 o'clock. The Goffs had invited Dad over for dinner so he was able to put his team in the stable and have some dinner before the sale started. Dad bought 3 sections of spring tooth harrows for $42. He also bought a hammer, logging chain and neck yoke. We seem to have mysteriously lost both our hammer and logging chain and both are necessary things to have around the farm.  Hobetzeder bought the binder and paid $278 for it. Tom Goff paid $80 for the mower so things went plenty high enough. Dad said the drag harrows sold for a higher price than they cost new in March.
I finished fencing the oat straw yesterday.  Dad wants to make a wooden trough, then when we let the stock onto this quarter we will be able to water them from the cistern. I don't know if I told you this before but Dad bought some new harness this fall for a team as he thought our other harness wasn't strong enough for hauling.
I shall have to get busy as soon as I get the barley hauled and start wood chopping. Last year I had it all cut and piled in the yard by Dec. 14th but I haven't cut any yet this year.
It was snowing a little last night before they got home from the sale but not very much. It is rather unusual to get so far into the season without a fall of snow. However with these thick fogs we have the frost on the grass is almost like a snow and Andy Gray was telling me that some of the electric light wires have broken with the weight of the heavy frost on them. 
I guess that uses up the news for this week and I'll have to quit.  Hoping you are well I remain your loving brother..        

                                                                                                                              E.W. Nevard
Alf Goff on the left of photo

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