Wednesday, March 11, 2015

November 1944 Letter From Bill to Dick

                                                                                     Headlands, Sask.
                                                                                     Nov. 21, 1944

Dear Dick
I have only a week's news to write and nothing very exciting to report. On the 15th I took a load of wheat to Lipton and posted my last letter to you. Donald started out with me but John Senft overtook us in his truck so Donald rode the rest of the way in with him. He was hauling wheat for Uncle Arthur. At the big coulee I met John Senft coming back for another load with Donald. He hauled 4 loads for Uncle and Uncle rode with him the third trip and came home on the fourth.
I got bags of cement to finish the cistern and some planks to make a trough with.
On the 16th we finished the cistern bottom and top. A nice bright day. I had to get a tank of water afterwards. Donald was here to supper. Joy would have come too but she had a cold.
On the 17th I took another load of wheat to Lipton . There wasn't so much traffic on the road as before although it was a nice day. Donald had sent to Eaton's for a pair of skis and I picked them up at the station. Also a carton from Aunt Flo for Uncle A. containing her husband's clothes. Donald went for the mail at night,
On the 18th I was fencing a straw pile and hauling water. Dad making bread. Uncle A brought the mail and I got your letter.
This is now Wednesday morning, the 22nd and I'm eating breakfast. I got 567 bushels of barley. I'm hoping to take the first load of the company's share to Lipton today.
On Sunday the 19th Dad and both Uncles went to Goff's in the democrat. The sale to wind up Alf Goff's estate was held yesterday and Dad wanted to go over beforehand and look the stuff over.
On Monday I took another load of wheat to Lipton. Probably the last for this year. John Senft took two truck loads for Uncle Horrie which pretty well cleans him up.
There were more wagons in town than usual as people were bringing cattle and hogs in to the stock yards to ship. Also it was nomination day for the municipality.
Louis Cohen has injured his shoulder and is unable to use his left hand. He is intending to get an x-ray of it I think.
Back row, Ernest, Bill and Arthur Nevard.

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