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Annie's Wedding

My grandmother's sister, Annie Hall, married Herbert Button in October of 1909 and this letter tells the story.

Grove Farm
Oct. 15, 1909

My Dearest Horrie
I hope this will find you quite well as it leaves me. It is nearly a month since I heard from you so I am beginning to long for one to come as it seems such a long time. I thought I would write to you so it should not be quite so long before you got my letter. I should have written to you before but we have been so busy lately that there has not been much time to spare and I expect you have been busy too Dear. Arthur said in his letter to Louie that you were gone away threshing so I expect that is the reason why I have not heard from you but I hope I shall hear soon all the same.

It was four years ago yesterday since you came with Willie in the van. I expect you have finished the harvest long before this time and I hope the crops are good this year. We are feeling very dull here as Annie and Herbert went to London this morning. I expect you will like to hear about the wedding so I will try and tell you all I can remember.
They were married at Carlton Church at quarter to twelve. We were going to walk across the fields but it was a wet morning so Father went and ordered two carriages as it would have been too muddy to walk after the rain. It was nice and fine when we went to Church and the sun shined a little while. There was eight of us went to Church. Herbert and his brother, Philip and Louie and I went in the first carriage and Mr. and Mrs. Button and Father and Annie in the last carriage. The Church was trimmed up for the harvest festival so it was rather nice. Herbert's brother Philip was the best man and Father gave Annie away and I was bridesmaid. There was fourteen of us to dinner and tea. My Aunt and Uncle from Leiston came and Dick and Maude and the children.

I wish you could have been here Dear. It would have been lovely. Herbert's father brought his gramophone and melodian so we had some music and we didn't go to bed much before the morning.
On Tuesday morning Annie and Herbert went to Leiston to Haylings to dinner and then to Herbert's and came back here on Wednesday. Annie asked at the post office about sending wedding cake to Canada so I expect that Mother will send some in a box when she write to Mary.

Annie went to London for a week to get the house ready and furnish it and then she came home with Herbert on the Sunday Oct. 10th. I forget if I told you that Annie and I went to Rushmere one Sunday. We went by train in the morning and came home at night. Emily came here for the week end a fortnight ago, just from Saturday till Monday so it was a very short stay. Annie says I must go and see her at Christmas but I don't know whether I shalll yet. We miss her very much. When you come home Annie say we can both go and see them.

And now my dearest, I will close my letter with my very best and truest love to you. Hoping all are well , I remain your everloving Alice. xxxxxxx

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