Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 1942

Alf Goff died January 12, 1942. He would have been around 70 years old and been on his homestead for almost 39 years.  The event was noted in the daily journal of Bill Nevard as follows.....
Jan. 14. Dick came home from North's this morning and Sandy Goff came along at the same time to tell us that Alf Goff had died on Monday and Tom wanted Dad and both Uncles as pall bearers at the funeral tomorrow.

Jan. 15. Dad and both Uncles went to the funeral today and stayed at Goff's for supper on the way back. The weather continues very mild for this time of year.
One of the last photos of Alf Goff in front of his log cabin.


  1. Looks like a bit of wattle and daub on the outside of his cabin.

  2. Gorges, I can just barely remember the ruins of the old cabin. The walls were of horizontal poplar logs covered with willow "withes" and a mixture of clay and some type of cement or plaster applied over that. It is pretty durable material as some still exists on his barn wall after over a hundred years.


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