Monday, January 2, 2012

Nurse Winstanley

Another Nevard Christmas card. This one from "Nurse Winstanley" to Arthur Nevard at Christmas 1903. Arthur would have been spending his first Christmas in Canada as he had just arrived from England in April of 03.
Nurse Winstanley was actually Margaret Montagu Winstanley who would eventually travel to Canada in 1909 to marry Arthur Nevard. According to her birth certificate she was born at High Street, Shirley, Millbrook, which is now a suburb of Southampton according to my information. Interestingly enough it is much closer to where my Goff ancestors came from than my Nevards. How she came to meet up with Arthur Nevard in Lexden, Essex I have no idea.


  1. Ralph, I find your postings here absolutely fascinating. My father's mother's family had a parallel experience, although they homesteaded in your neighboring province Alberta. Unfortunately their correspondence and photos and most importantly stories are long gone.

  2. So glad you enjoy the blog. I mainly do this for family members, myself, and other distant connected folks. If others find it of interest too, well that is just a bonus. Plenty more material to work with here.


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