Saturday, January 7, 2012

Leaving Lexden

This was probably the last letter Horace Nevard (my grandfather) wrote to Alice Hall before he left Lexden, Essex for the new land. On May 10, 1906 he  got on board the  S.S. Victorian with his nephew Bill Nevard and sister in law, Mary Nevard to travel to Canada to be re-united with brothers Ernest and Arthur.
This studio photograph was taken before he left England.
My Dear Alice
I am just writing you a few lines hoping you are quite well as I am up to the present.
It is gettting rather close now for me to be off. I should like to have seen you once again before I went but suppose I cannot. But cheer up, there will come a time some day. I went last night to see my friend off . I expect you will not know who I mean but Louie does. H. Buck. It was not a very nice night but he seemed cheerful. I am just having a look round to see what I want to take with me and the others are talking away. And Cecil is writing labels and marking my things. I went to town today and bought a few more things and had a good look round. I have just been to choir practice for the last time. I expect you have gone to bed by this time. It is about 11 o'clock and don't think I shall be about much longer so goodnight and god bless you........

Friday afternoon.. We have just finished dinner and Mary is washing up. Who do you get to help you wash up now you have lost the butler? I daresay he will come and help you again some day, don't you think so? Of course you will not be able to answer this letter as you will not know my address but I shall let you know it as soon as possible. I daresay you will think it a curious letter and written rather funny but I thought it would be easier with a pencil.
We had a letter from Arthur yesterday and he said that Ernest was at Indian Head so it will be better for me won't it?
I will write and let you know what sort of a voyage I have. Louie said in her letter that you got home alright. You must not worry you know or you will get thin, and worry killed the cat. And every cloud has a silver lining.

Saturday afternoon.......... I have been packing my box and just been to Pickford's office with it. We had rather a heavy load too. Mr. Beaumont took it on Wednesday. I had a day yesterday of saying goodbye. A job that I did not care about but I have got it over at last and I am just going to have my dinner and off . So goodbye and cheer up. May I always remain your ever-loving boy

Have just had my breakfast and now am going to look at the boat.

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  1. Hard way to leave home! I wonder just what the photographer thought those plants added by being stuck in the picture?


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