Monday, January 30, 2012

Arthur's Letter July 23 1913

2103 Scarth St. Regina
July 23, 1913

Dear Horace
I am sending you an order for $30 to pay for the hail insurance for my place but you understand
you pay half I suppose. Of course I know you have no money and I owe you some so you be
sure and pay it before the first of August. You did not say where you were to pay it to but be
sure and attend to it on Saturday if possible as I don't want to pay the other $700.
Earn is not writing as he may be up there some time next week for a few days. I hope everything
is all ok. I don't know what Daisy is going to do about the mare and buggy but I shall leave it to her
as I don't think there is much chance to sell them here as money is too short. I wish we could as
she is not getting any younger. Anyhow, don't get her shod until Daisy comes up there.
Hoping everything is alright I remain your loving brother
My love to Mary and Bill.

Arthur and Daisy Nevard

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  1. Sounds like a few of my granddad's letters to my grandma during the depression, instructing her how rob Peter to pay Paul.


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