Thursday, November 8, 2012

As Fall Turns To Winter

The Nevards were busy preparing for winter in November of 1940 as recorded here in Bill Nevard's journal.


Jack Binnington called in tonight on his way back from Lipton to say he would haul a load of wheat fot Dad tomorrow.

November 6

Dad, both Uncles and Jack Binnington went to Lipton with wheat . Snowing and somewhat unpleasant but they managed to get down without mishap. Jack's team ran away on the road home while he was riding with Dad and Willie Miller caught them near his place. James Walton came here this morning to get wheat statistics in regard to the bonus.

November 7

Enough snow on the ground to stop going to town with grain for a while.
My grandfather, Horace Nevard with his grain wagon backed up to the bin preparing to load wheat.


  1. At least the team ran off AFTER the wheat was unloaded!

  2. That wagon is amazing. I wish more of them had survived. How late did your family use horses? I'm also curious how far the haul was. It's hard to imagine doing all the things we do with horsepower, that our ancestors did with horse power.

    1. There might be a rotting wheel or two left but not much else of the wagon. The horses either were phased right out or delegated to chore status when tractors became popular here post WWII. It was about a 12 mile haul to town so one trip a day was about the limit. When snow got deeper they would transfer the wagon box onto sleigh runners and haul that way. Life is easy now compared to those times.


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