Saturday, November 10, 2012

August 1942 Letter From L.G.

A letter to Dick Nevard from Les Goff who was already in the Canadian Army in England.

                                                                                          August 22, 1942
                                                                                          2nd AT Regt.
                                                                                          Orderly Room
Dear Dick
Just a few lines hoping this finds you all well and not working too hard. Sorry I've slipped up on my writing lately but you see there isn't a heck of a lot to write about outside of what we are doing and thats against rules.
Well I guess you are all pretty busy back home right now with the harvesting. I hear you had lots of rain this summer. Things should be looking better now. Do you see much of Sandy these days? I haven't seen Bud yet but have seen quite a bit of Phil Fisher and Dick Creese. I guess there will likely be quite a few of the boys around home being called up for training pretty soon.
Well the army isn't so bad and its quite a change but I daresay I'll be glad to get back when its over. We have a pretty good time and theres a good bunch of boys and you get around quite a bit. Every three months a seven day leave so a guy gets a chance to sleep in a real bed once in a while. But most of us come back off a leave more tired than when we went so you can imagine what kind of a time we have.
Things get a bit dull at times especially if you are out in the country but lately its been rather exciting what with bombs and a few other things. Me and my chum were dodging machine gun bullets one day. Lots of fun. I've seen a few German planes but they don't come often enough. Really livens things up a bit.
We missed out on that raid that the Canadians made but maybe we'll get a chance next time. Well I've seen quite a bit of London, spent some of my leave there with my chum. Its sure quite the place but would be better once we get to know our way around. We didn't do bad. Had quite a hectic time. I also had a nice time with my relations in Wimborne.
Well Dick, I guess I'll have to bring this scribble to a close. Give my best regards to all. I've got about six more letters to answer so cheerio and all the best. Keep writing. Always a friend...
Les Goff at left.


  1. Typical "vacation" it sounds like, especially for an enlisted man!

  2. That is awesome that you have this letter and photo. :)


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