Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Basic Training at Brandon

About a year ago I had a blog posting re: Dick Nevard joining the Canadian Army in January of 1943 . By March 25th of that year he was headed to Brandon, Manitoba for more basic training. Here is his letter to his mother

I arrived in Brandon about 2:00 this morning. The train was two and half hours late or more. It was an hour late pulling into Lipton. What caused the delay was the train had so much freight to pick up. There are not so many freight cars now so the passenger train does some of the freighting, thus the delay.
I guess Dad told you that I introduced him to George Macknack who was also going back from his leave. Dad, Uncle Horrie and Mr. Binnington chatted with him a few moments while the freight was being loaded (there were 73 crates of eggs shipped out of Lipton).
I slept a good deal the latter part of the journey but it was kind of a fitful sleep. We kept picking up the gunners along the way until the final score stood at eight. I think most of them were catching up on sleep. Most of the fellows are back now but two of them are stretching their ninety-sixes a bit. Brassingweight and Rushaway are the culprits. One fellow went on the loose last Monday. He came out of hospital, they would not give him his ninety-six so he took it.
The snow has pretty well gone around Brandon. There is lots of water standing around near the huts. It is mild and bright but windy today.
I received your letter this morning. Bombardier Dunn handed it to me. No letter from Aunt Flo but I guess she has not had time to write.
When I was in hospital I got the news both from the radio and the papers. Now I just scan the papers, I do not read them thorougly.
I asked Bombardier Dunn and he said I could get another ninety-six hour leave in about two months time. I can get a fourty eight hour leave in about two or three weeks time which I will take the opportunity to visit Aunt Flo. But that will put my ninety-six hour leave off for another two or three weeks so it will be between two and half and three months before I get home again but time soon goes. I must close now with love and best wishes to you all.............                Your ever loving son Dick

L60919 Gnr. Nevard. R. A.
116th Field Battery, 25th Field Regiment R.C.A. C.A.
Fort Brandon Barracks
Brandon, Manitoba

Dick Nevard far right.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I enjoy the old pics and letters.


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