Monday, March 10, 2014

1937 Hospital Time

More from the journal of Bill Nevard......
1937 May 8: I went to Lipton in the democrat with Topsy and Violet starting out about 6 a:m. Taking Dick to catch the 9 a:m bus to Regina. Dick arrived ok and went into hospital after seeing Dr. Waddell.

May 24: As I am writing this on July 31 and have written down nothing in between , there will perforce be many gaps in my journals, but I will note down what I remember and let the rest slide.

May 25: I took Mother to Lipton with the democrat to catch the bus to Regina. Uncle Arthur rode down with us. We had to start early as the bus left at 9 a:m.

June 1: I went to Lipton with oats and Oswald Weiss rode down with me. We got a letter from Mother saying that Dick would be operated on Thursday, June 3.

June 2 &3: I hauled water and finished seeding using Gleam on the seeder for the first time. Dick had his goiter operation in Regina General hospital.

June 6, Sunday. Billy West came from Regina in a car and woke us up about 2 a:m this morning. Mary Wahl, her sister and another chap were with him. They took Dad back to Regina with them to see Dick as he was not doing very good , leaving me desolate. I went to John Senft's during the day to hear if they had seen Dick while in Regina but Mrs. Senft could not tell me very much.

Left to right Doris Creamer, Billy West, Mary Wahl, Aunt Flo Gerrard

June 7: I hauled six loads of water to day with Gleam and Violet. 24 barrels. Dad came back by train and got a ride to the farm with August Zielke. Dick is showing considerable improvement.
June 11: Dad kalsomining. I plowed in the morning and helped Dad in the afternoon. Seels brought Mother safely home in their car.

July 11: A somewhat eventful Sunday at home. The Frank Monks brought Dick home in their car about noon. Mr. and Mrs. Monk, Leslie and Aunt May all coming and we had a lunch outside. As a storm was coming up from the Northwest they left for home rather early. Between 3 and 4 p:m the rain came. It rained for about an hour. The biggest rain we have had for years, and when we went out afterwards we found the pasture sloughs nearly full of water. In one slough the water was higher than my knees. It had washed deep furrows out in the summerfallow and must have flowed in a stream 30 yards across down in our valley. Most
of our neighbors North and South of us didn't seem to get much rain.


  1. your family must have known my grandparents who farmed near Cupar, Levi Gibson. a lot of my cousins are still in the area.

    1. Yes,I know the name for sure. Don't recall seeing any mention of it in the Nevard journals though.


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