Sunday, March 30, 2014


February 21 John Fleming went for the mail in his cutter and Uncle Arthur went with him. I cut another half load of wood. Uncle Arthur brought back a lot of calendars from Walton for my use.

February 22: After melting snow in the morning I went down on 13 in the afternoon to get a load of oat straw. I saw two coyotes over on the ten acres across the valley. I went down nearly to the south fence and saw five of our horses but not Firelight. So then I went back to the old 1942 oat straw pile, (not much left of it), and I found her there, dead and partly eaten by coyotes. She had apparently laid down in a hole and been unable to get up. None of our horses seem to be in bad condition. This had evidently happened in the last week.
February 23: Sunday at home. Dick came to dinner and helped to eat my birthday plum pudding. He went back at night. He says he will go out of partnership with Eddie in the summer as he can not get on very well with Mr. North.


  1. No-one likes to lose a horse, especially like that.

    1. It was probably even worse a few years later when, as tractor farming took over, they sold most of the horses to the fox and mink ranches for feed.


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