Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Time 70 Years Ago

Headlands P.O.
March 27, 1944
Dear Dick
Since I wrote to you a week ago there has been nothing very thrilling occur around here to get into the headlines. Last Tuesday ,the 23rd, Dad and I loaded up 5 or the young pigs in the sleigh to take to Lipton. It wan't a lot of trouble an I started out for town about 8 am.  getting there at 10:30. So I went along fairly good. The road wasn't too bad most of the way down and of course five pigs didn't make a big load. Bailey who is in the lumber yard ships pigs every Tuesday and Buster Dobson's boy helped me unload them at the stockyard. After the pigs are unloaded they are stamped on both shoulders with a special instrument. Every owner's pigs having a different set of numbers. Uncle Horrie came down with a load of wheat but he was quite a bit later than me getting down. I think his team had all it wanted to do in spots as some places it was pretty well bare. Roy came down with him. I posted a letter off to you. I guess you should have it by now.
Monday was a mild day and the snow kept melting as the day progressed. On he way home near town the ditches had water in them while the highway was getting bare. I had planned going to town with wheat on Thursday but that thaw fixed the roads. I got home about 5 pm. The 22nd was another mild day and the snow going quite a bit. I hauled away 5 days manure and got water. Roy was helping Uncle Arthur get his oat straw home before the loose horses eat it all up as that is where they mostly stay now. He was hauling some to Uncle Arthur's and some home. Dad let the hens all out of the new hen house for the first time. After dinner I cleaned out the old chicken house.
Dad heard from Goffs that McCullough is in hospital with a bleeding ulcer and had to have two transfusions. On the 23rd I went on 25 with the team and sleigh and got 30 green poles for a hen house and had a look at the barley to see that it was ok.
Dad made a steak and kidney pudding, Uncle Arthur and Donald being here to help us eat it.
On Sunday I picked up the mail at Silver Birches and got your latest letter and , believe it or not, one from Bud. A fairly long one too and more interesting than usual. He had been to visit the ruins of Pompeii and was writing mostly about that. Uncle Arthur got a letter from him too but I haven't heard anything about it yet. Bud wants me to write to him but he didn't send any address. I suppose I can get that from Uncle A.
Sunday being a nice day I let the team out and likewise the cows. Dad went up to Silver Birches for his usual Sunday afternoon constitutional and while he was away Sandy Goff came along bringing the saw back. He didn't stay as he had chores to do. Tom Goff is sick with the flu and in bed quite a bit.
Today I took three loads of wheat out of our big bin up the hill to put in another bin to make room so I can begin fanning. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I'm taking two more young pigs to Lipton and will post this letter.
So long and don't tumble off any mountains. From your loving brother,
E. W. Nevard
Joy Nevard, probably going for the mail on Rusty


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