Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Narratives 17 Post War Days

Shortly after my arrival home to the farm I went to work for Ed North on his poultry farm. I worked with Ed for a year and a half. In the winter of 1947 I came home for a while and on the 29th of April , 1948 I began working on the orderly staff at the Fort Qu'appelle TB sanatorium. Later that year, in October, my brother Bill came to work at the San as well. He took the job of vegetable man where he remained for 3 years. He then transferred to the orderly staff.
We purchased two lots along the road south of the Sanatorium from Ernie Millard in 1950. Dad and Uncle Horrie came down and started building our house. Dad moved into the new house that fall but Bill and I continued to board at the san until next spring due to the fact that it was hard to obtain furniture.
Dick Nevard at the "Fort San"

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