Thursday, March 6, 2014

Narratives, The Final Chapter.

Tommy was our first cat. . I had suggested to Dad that we might get a cat and he replied, "what do we want a cat for, we have no mice?" I asked cousin Joy to save a kitten for us. I bought a case of cat food and put it in the shed. Dad saw it and asked "what is the cat food for?" I replied that it means we are getting a cat. Dad said nothing more. He only smiled.
That fall we got Steve Tomenchuk to haul our firewood down to the new house for us. Dad went with him and brought the cat back too. As they started back Dad had Tommy in a sack on the cab floor. Tommy was protesting so Dad carried him home on his lap. The cat was quite comfortable and content there. Dad and Tommy became quite attached to each other. Dad would get up in the night to let him in.
Aunt Alice passed away on April 27 of 1953.
On October 29th, 1952 my cousin Joy, and Leslie Goff were married at St. John's Anglican Church in Fort Qu'appelle. The reception was held here in my house at Dad's suggestion. It was a warm, sunny day. Even Tommy the cat joined in the celebrations by eating some leftover ice cream.
In 1956 neighbors George and Jennie Birns gave us driving lessons and that summer we bought a new Chevrolet. We built a double garage and gave the Birns half of it in payment for teaching us to drive.
My father, Ernest Nevard, passed away September 5, 1958 at the age of 80. Uncle Arthur on January 11, 1965. My brother Bill passed away on November 7, 1975.
The author, Richard A. (Dick) Nevard passed away March 14th, 1995. Just past his 80th birthday.

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