Wednesday, February 25, 2015

November 1945 A Few More Days In The City

Sunday, November 4. A much warmer day. Aunt May showed me the way to where Grace Hobetzeder works. I went there and stayed an hour or two and we had a great old talk. Decided to go to a show on Tuesday. Went back to Aunt May's to dinner. After dinner Aunt May and I went to see Mrs. Hammill. Then I went to Helen's place for supper. After supper Lucille S---------N and her boyfriend, Frank came about ten o'clock. Mary and I went back to Aunt May's.

Monday November 5. Mary and I started to go see Biinningtons but we met Agnes on the street so we didn't go. Went back to Helen's to dinner. After dinner we went downtown. We met Fred Wagner in the Army and Navy and he asked Mary to go to the show so she went. Helen walked with me as far as the Safeway stores, then I waked to Aunt May's. It was snowing. Aunt May and I went to the Grand Theatre and saw the show "Maytime". I thought it was a lovely show. After the show we went to a cafe and Aunt May bought me a banana split. It sure was good.

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