Thursday, February 26, 2015

Home From The City November 1945


Tuesday , November 6. Aunt May and I went downtown and took my watch to the watch repair man. Then I went to Helen's to dinner. We went downtown after dinner. Helen saw the doctor. He said she shouldn't be working so Mary decided to stay longer. I went back to Aunt May's alone. After supper I walked down to where Grace works and we went down to the Albert Street bridge where we met Margaret Lutz and we got on a street car and went to the Rex Theater and saw "Desert Song" starring Dennis Morgan. Also saw Young and Willing. After the show we got a street car and rode down to Grace's place. She walked part way with me, then she left me and I took the wrong turn and got lost. I walked around for a while and then I saw two women in a car, asked them the way and they took me to Aunt May's.

Wednesday, November 7. Aunt May and I went downtown and got my watch and got my pictures from the studio. Then went to Helen's to dinner. Mary and I got dinner. What a dinner! I went back to Aunt May's about 3 o'clock. Aunt May went down to the bus depot with me and saw me off. Gladys Berner and her husband were on the bus. When we got to the Craven Hill between Regina and Southey the bus skidded and turned right around. The men all got out and spent about half or three quarters of an hour getting it straight again. When we got to Lipton we were an hour late. Leonard came to the bus depot and carried my suitcase to the car. I went to the town hall to the show "Her Primitive Man". After the show I found Shirley and Jack and went back to Naemark's with them. Then Leonard and Malcolm wanted to go so we went home. Boy was I ever tired and just about frozen. My holiday was over.

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