Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bill Turns 63

February 20, the wildest day we have had this winter. I walked to work this morning and the wind nearly blew me off my feet going around those two corners. The Eriksens were away and never came home tonight.

February 22, I stayed home today. Went over to Eriksens for a cup of coffee.  The papers say that Saturday's blow was the worst storm in Saskatchewan's history.

February 23. Poor old William Shakebroom has reached his 63rd birthday. Dick gave me a pair of braces for a present. John Isabelle has quit the San after a brief two days work last week. Archie Boyd still in sick bay. The D.V.A. are paying Uncle Arthur's funeral expenses and sent me a cheque for $35 to reimburse me for what I had paid.

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