Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trip To The Big City

October 28 1945
Sunday. Another cold and windy day. Went to Wheale's in pm. We decided to go to Regina on Friday. I told Mary to go ahead of me but she said she would wait. Hope it doesn't snow before Friday. I will keep my fingers crossed.

November 1, Thursday It was a very cold and windy day today. I was packing the suitcase I borrowed from Carol ready to go to Regina. Donald drove me to Wheale's with Rusty and the cart and we were hoping and praying that it wouldn't snow too much or be too cold to start the car. It was snowing when we went to bed.

November 2, Friday. It was snowing and a cold Northwest wind but Leonard got the car started alright and took us down to the bus. There were two or three people we knew on the bus. Philip Fisher, Dave Raichman, George Wesa, Ruth Frey and her mother. We got to Regina and Orpha Senft was at the bus depot to show us the way to where Helen lives. We stayed at Helen's place for dinner and a while after. Then we went down to where Jerry, (Helen's husband) works and I phoned to see if Aunt May was home. Then we got on a street car and went to Aunt May's for supper. Ater supper Mary, Helen and I went to a show at the Grand Theatre. "Son of Lassie". We also went to Ross's Cafe and played the juke box. We went back to Helen's place and had lunch. Then Jerry drove Mary and I  to Aunt May's for the night.

Saturday November 3. We got up rather late and had breakfast. Then Aunt May showed us the way and we walked down to Helen's. We had dinner there and after dinner we went downtown to the Army and Navy. Then on to Eaton's and Simpsons. We walked around until we were played out , then took the street car back. Had supper, then Jerry and Harvey, Jerry's brother, drove me home. Mary stayed with Helen. It was raining, the streets were very slippery. Went to bed tired but happy. 
To be continued.......


  1. I like the movie they chose. It would have to be better than most of what is put out these days!

  2. From Moira
    Ralph, I would love for you to email me that picture of your mom and mine.
    October, 1945


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